Creative Commons Images

The Top 3 Websites That Offer Creative Commons Images for your Website in 2018

Are you looking for a way to make your blog on business website more interesting? Then we have the answer for you and that’s to spice up your site by using some great images. It is very important for you to have some kind of visual element because that is just the thing that can make the reader or customer more interested in your content. Capturing the attention of anyone that visits the site is a priority so here are some great websites where you can go and find some creative commons images.

If you are thinking that this name sounds a bit like it can be a spam website, then don’t worry, because this is actually a great source where you can find some great stock photos and clip art. You can see the license agreement on every individual picture by just scrolling down the picture’s page. Something that you should be aware of though, is the images that are labeled “Sponsored Image from Shutterstock” because there one require you to sign up for a paid subscription before you will be able to download them, however if you don’t mind paying a subscription then definitely go for them.

Flickr Creative Commons

Even though you have probably heard of Flickr, you probably don’t know that the site also has a creative commons section. In this section you will be able to find over 200 million user-uploaded photos and graphics that have been licensed under Creative Commons. When you are on the website you can browse he creative commons images by different categories like the license the image is registered under or by how recent the image is, or if this isn’t something that you want to do then you can just click the see more button and look for a particular license type that will get you to a search page.

Open Clip Arp Library (OCAL)

While you can find clip art options on other pages, if you really want choice this is the site for you. One great element that makes this site stand out is the fact that you can download OCAL to your local machine which will make a large portion of the library even when you are working offline. On the site you will have access to a wide variety of clip art, and while this site doesn’t censor images, it does ask the people who upload the images to mark any potentially offensive content as “Not safe for work”, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself when working in the office or in a public space.

No matter what kind of website you have, sometimes even the most interesting content can’t make customers stay, so using some great images can really help you capture their attention. Use our recommended sites in order to find some great creative commons images and make your site as eye-catching as possible.